Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. Weird. For some reason 23 just seems old! I have to remind myself of where I am in life and what things I have accomplished or I start to think I've wasted my life away! I guess it's ok to be 23 and graduated with a bachelor's degree, married, pregnant, living in our own apartment in a new state, etc. Maybe I'm not so fact maybe I'm still too young for all of this!

Dave decorated our apartment early Sunday morning so when I got up it would be an instant bday party!

This is my yummy cake...german chocolate...yummm And for some reason my name was in quotation marks...Happy Birthday "Mikel" What, like they weren't sure if that was my real name?!

Greg and Dad came over for dinner and games. We played the new Catan game for the first time...intense.


Shanicherie said...

Hope you had a great bday Mikel! Looks like you had fun! And how cute that Dave decorated the house for you!

Erin said...

happy late birthday mikel! you're ONLY 23?? gracious girl, at 23 i was still single, quite selfish (still working on that), and rowdy (okay, still working on this one too), so i'd say you've accomplished loads of good things. now tell me more about this new settlers game... it looks serious... i am highly intrigued.

Parkinson Family said...

aww that was sweet of dave, happy birthday looks likee you guys had a great time

Amanda said...

Happy birthday Mikel! I love the cute decorations. Hope you had a fun day!
PS - I love settlers. we should play sometime.

Sally said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!! You ARE young! ;) J/k--I think you are amazing and doing awesome things! That looks like it was a fun night--Dave's a good decorator! How's that new game?