Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our First Christmas Tree!

We finally got our own Christmas decorations! Even though we were married last year, I was too swamped with my last semester of school, writing my senior paper, working a few jobs, etc to round up Dave and go out shopping for Christmas stuff. Plus we had plenty of family near enough that we could just use their Christmas decor to bring holiday cheer into our lives. But this year, given that I am probably the least busy I'll ever be again in my life and that we're out here so far away from most of our family and friends we decided to spend last weekend getting some of our first Christmas decorations!

The thought was that since we'll be spending quite a bit of this month in Utah (I leave in less than 2 weeks!!) it wouldn't be worth buying a real, full-sized Christmas tree since it would just die while we were gone. And we also thought that if we bought a fake, full-sized Christmas tree we'd feel obligated to use it for a few years since we'd already have it, yada yada (since we are both pretty firm believers in real trees). So the solution was to just buy a small, fake Christmas tree that we could continue to use even after we start buying real trees...just put it in another room or something since it's pretty small. So here it is...our master piece:

Close up of the star the Dave worked so hard on:

Some close-ups of our fun ornaments:


Shanicherie said...

Fun decorations Mikel! Hey I have a blog. It's So check it out! How's the pregnancy going now? Not as crazy as the first couple months I hope!

Shanicherie said...

I moved blogs cause for some reason it had locked me out of my other one! Haha. Yeah it's a big move and I'm sure I will be lonely cause we don't have ANY family around, but I'm still excited for us to be on our own.