Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Dallas Stars

Yesterday was good day. Yup, Dave got the day off and yes it was more than well deserved. So I just worked half day then came home to play with my hubby. About mid day someone at the office emailed Dave and said they had some Dallas Stars (hockey) tickets. We jumped at the opportunity for a night out.

We went to dinner at a new place: Kona Grill. It was pretty yummy. And for once I was too full to want dessert but Dave couldn't handle it and he ordered a HUGE brownie sunday just for himself! I've NEVER seen him do that...EVER!

Then we headed to the game. We got there a little late, we thought it started at 8:30 but aparently it started at 7:30. Anyway, our sets were right on the glass! Now that's the way to watch a hockey game!! It was fun having guys get their faces slammed in the the plastic stuff right in front of you! Dave and I even got on the big screen...for one of those kissy shots! Unfortunately the Stars lost but not until after a great comeback from 3 to 1 to tie it. They lost in the shoot out.

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Erin said...

i hope you told larry about your sweet seats... he's a die hard stars fan! have you seen his stars coat yet? :)