Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Blakes

Last weekend was Utah's UEA break so the Blakes took advantage of that and came out to visit! It was wonderful to have them here, even if it was only for a few days! They got here Thursday evening which we kept pretty low key since Dave hadn't slept in 36 hours.

Friday we went to Dealy Plaza (the JFK assassination site) which I find pretty interesting. Then after we had a sufficient amount of culture for the day, we went to the Galleria for some major shopping.

Then Saturday we went to the Texas State Fair! I thought that was a blast. It's enormous! And I have to admit I had some trouble with my already sensative gag reflex when we got close to the animals. But it was fun to see the human cannon ball, to walk around all the displays, and to watch people eat massive greesy turkey legs!

On Sunday Dave and I had been asked to speak and I was asked to play the violin for a musical number. It worked out well that the family could be there for it. I was seriously concerned about making it through my talk without any 'pregnancy moments.' I made it all the way until Dave's talk! After church we had a dinner for Dave's dad's birthday (which was on tuesday). We went outside and barbecued...yum!

Anway, it was fun and we miss them a lot!

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Mike & Rachel Barton said...

MIKEL!!!!! When in the world were you going to tell me?!?!? I am SOOOO excited for you!! Ahhh!!! Seriously! How have you been feeling? When's the due date? YOU'RE HAVING A BABY!!!!!