Friday, June 15, 2007

Part 2: The Mediterranean

After Toronto we headed to Rome. Dave and I got there a day before the rest of the family. We took a little nap (bad idea for the jet lag) then went wandering around the City. We ate at a little cafe..yum! We stummbled upon the Circus Maximus, the Forum, and the Colosseum. Fun Fun FUN!

The next day we boarded our cruise ship the Legend of the Seas. Dave, Meg, T, and I got cozy in one room while Dave and Karen got some quality alone time in their own room. Our first stop was supposed to be Portofino but the sea was too rough. So the captain took us to Genova instead. It was an intersting little place. Much less touristy than anywhere else we went. We mostly just wandered around but we did go to an aquarium, and played around on a pirate ship.

The next day we headed to Firenze! There is just sooo much to see in Florence. Being the fantastic vacation planner that she is, Karen got all our tickets to the museums in advance so we got to bypass all those mile long lines and walk right in! The Duomo, Uffizi, the David, the Gold doors of the baptistry, the!

The two hottest Davids I know!

Then we spent a day in Piza and Luca. I think the Leaning tower of Piza is awesome! It really is bizzar; when you're walking up the stairs about half the time you feel like you're walking down stairs! After Piza we headed over to a small city called Luca and rented some bikes and road around the city wall. Definitely a blast!

Now for my favorite day!! We arrived in the port of Napoli (Naples for the Italian illiterate!) and we headed straight for Pompei. I was floored by the sheer size of the city, and supposedly they haven't even excavated most if it! When in Europe it can be easy to get tired of staring at ruins but that is what is so amazing about Pompei. It's not just ruins, it's an entire city! It was fascinating.
Then we headed to Capri with a quick stop in Sorrento for a couple scoups of gelato. Capri is a small island barely off the coast so we took a boat shuttle to get there. Then we took a boat tour around the whole island. It was a gorgeous day for swimsuits and boating! Capri is known for the grottos. We even swam through the green grotto and had small encounter with a school of jelly fish. It was spectacular!

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