Monday, April 30, 2007

Update on Cheney

After all the hype and hubub, Cheney's visit has come and gone. While I enjoyed my right to freedom of speech and protest, when it was all said and done I felt the need to respect BYU's decision and attend commencement. And, quite frankly, I left feeling pretty good about the whole experience. Cheney sufficiently buttered up the crowd with his anecdotes about his wife's Mormon ancestry and his play-by-play of BYU's clutch football win over the University of Utah. And it definitely didn't hurt having President Hinkley there (I truly love that man).

All in all, it was a memorable experience, which is more than many can say about their college graduations.

BTW here are some graduation pics:

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David Blake said...

Never knew Cheney had been kicked out of Yale. He reminded the grads that such setbacks will come but not to let them hinder ones resolve. Life’s best oppurtunities often come as a suprise. I wonder if he would same the same of his Whittington hunting incident? - Check out the link! -